Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring means poop

Spring seems to have finally made an appearance, which is so nice, yet means that there is SO much to do. Clinics at the farm start this Saturday, so now myself and my dad are frantically trying to get pastures scraped so that the farm doesn't look disgusting and so there is parking for everyone. We started on the pony field this weekend, and it took about 5 hours to semi-finish. We couldn't complete it given all the ice under the mountains of poop. I don't understand how little animals can make so much mess. It looks better already though, which makes me happy, even though my hands ache from shoveling. 

Brody loves water. Piper loves playing with Brody.

Piper and I had a great ride together yesterday; most of my ride was just walking around on Lily coaching Piper on Cross, but then we did a little bit of trot work. Nothing spectacular, as in the middle of our ride, a client came by to talk about her new horse who is arriving next weekend. 
I'm super impressed with how well Piper is doing though. It really is true that being around horses constantly and observing makes you learn so much faster. Piper just turned 7, but is already so knowledgeable about some things, and is able to get her pony ready almost 100% by herself. She is going to show Cross in the w/t division this year, and I'm going to let her do the x rail classes as well. Hopefully Cross will behave herself and not run around like an idiot. Time shall tell.

I'm super excited for the dressage clinic this weekend with Briannon Johnson. I have been riding with Bri for about 3 or 4 years now, and she is such a fun coach and friend, and also someone who I find I can really talk to about the equine industry. I am likely just riding Lily, as Zippy I feel is still too green to really benefit. I might change my mind though, so we'll see. 

I started Zippy on Omeprazrole last Thursday to treat suspected ulcers, and the change in his behavior already it amazing. He's a very lovey guy, but does not like it when you touch his girth area. I'm definitely regretting that I didn't do the Omeprazole earlier, but at least he's on it now. I'm really hoping it'll make a difference under saddle as well, as sometimes he's very sucked back and behind the leg. I'm really looking forward to this season with him!

Zippy enjoying the sun and his first naked weekend of the year.

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